Madel embodies a place where dreams are planted in your heart for a reason, where we understand you at your worst and help you express yourself at your very best. To always keep going.


Inspired by the beaches of Southampton. Going back to when my grandparents would spend their summers on the beaches of Southampton, to then my parents, and then us growing up on that very same beach adoring every moment.


MEANING OF  MADEL  - the nickname given to me by my siblings ♡

  - Madelin, x






Growing up in Brantford, Madelin spent most of her time in competitive swimming [12 years], she enjoyed spending LOTS of time with her 11 other siblings, but she always carried a certain love and adornment towards the fashion industry at a young age.

As a young girl she would often plan and put together fashion shows for her family. Of course using old clothes/ her older sisters dance outfits, and getting her siblings to model! After taking many art courses and a fashion class in her final year in high school Madelin decided to enroll herself further in Fashion Design.

While attending the Fashion Design program at Fanshawe School of Art and Technology she began gaining the advanced knowledge along with many personal experiences in several fields of the fashion industry. Madelin enjoyed the exploration and use of performance fabrics, bio fabricated/engineered fabrics and how it would preform with the individuals body natural reaction. Her roots heavily found in sportswear and elite athletes as she grew up submerged in an athletic lifestyle.

In May 2020, Madelin graduated with Honours from the Fashion Design program, taking on everything she had learned especially knowledge surrounding sustainability/ethical practices and textile enhancement features in fabrics, and bringing it to MADEL.