Top 5 Reasons Organic Bamboo is more than a Trend

There are obvious benefits to choosing a sustainable garment, but have you heard about the benefits to your health/ well being linked to choosing an organic product? Being able to know the clothing item you choose not only offers ETHICAL practices that result in positive impacts; such as proper pay for workers, and fair trade/ choosing sustainably sourced resources for a positive increase in environment and biosphere post use, but knowing on top of all that you are choosing a product that will be far better for your health, and for an overall lasting fashion product is one of the facts many brands don't tell you.


We took our research and knowledge about organic bamboo as it is one of our favorite fabrics to us for soft intimates and everyday wear and broke it down into our TOP 5  simple facts on why it is our go to!


1. Harvested without chemicals/ fertilizers 

A resilient and quick growing plant reaching its maximum maturity at 3 months. Left to grow naturally without fertilizers and extra pesticide/ chemicals, as it is not needed for its growth already beats out half the cotton clothes out there.

Thus making Bamboo one of the most if not the most efficient plants for taking in carbon dioxide and producing more oxygen during photosynthesis stages. Making it the perfect fabric for a full clothing lifecycle, before it is discarded into the landfill.


2. Moisture-wicking & everyday comfort

I'm sure you've heard this before or even experiences the softness of the bamboo t-shirt, underwear, dress etc but did you ever question why it is so soft, and able to wick moisture quickly we'll..

The way Bamboo is weaved together as a fiber/yarn to a piece of fabric the cross section of it actually has micro-pockets that helps the fabric absorb any moisture easily. Which is pretty ideal for any season for everyday comfort with its soft to the touch surface, and silky feel against the body.

The comfort in a bamboo product also can link to its naturally cooling effect as well as a thermal product as well.

FUN FACT: Organic Bamboo is able to absorb 3 times its weight in water!


3. Organic Bamboo offers a natural healing

Thinking about how we take vitamins to keep our bodies regulated wearing bamboo is like vitamins for you as well! Bamboo holds certain hypoallergenic and antibacterial and anti-ordering features.

Hypoallergenic - meaning it is rarely affected by bacteria often diminishing the chances of infection or build up. The softness of the fabric is the perfect solution for those who suffer from eczema or allergic reactions to other fabrics such as hemp or wool. It is also a perfect choice for babies and young children.

Not only does it improve the impact to the skins natural barrier - it also helps deflect odor. The benefits of the moisture wicking bamboo has, also assists in the process of killing/ neutralizing the bacteria BEFORE it comes in contact with the sweat from the body. When the bacteria can't/ isn't mixed with moisture the odor simply vanishes.


4. Easy to care for

The most durable fabric you might own in your closet with little need for care!

YES, Bamboo is just about as easy as it gets! Just like a regular cotton t-shit our bamboo doesn't need much care, actually it can use less attention out of all your clothing. Like the benefits you just read above about the anti-bacterial features of bamboo, you can kind of say it cleans itself.

Definitely, not saying never wash your clothes but it doesn't need to be washed every time you wear it! But limited the amount of washes also help the water waste being produced from doing laundry.

But a wash in cold water with very little/ mild detergent and hanging to dry, without the fear of stretching out or shrinking every time you wash it and no need for an iron.

5. Decomposes in 1 year

Since, Bamboo is a natural cellulose fiber (meaning it comes from a natural plant) it is 100% biodegradable in proper conditions by micro-organisms and soil/sunlight.

Its process of decomposing into the biosphere doesn't cause any pollution or harmful release of chemicals, unlike a polyester t-shirt - think of the thousands of years it'll be here versus the one year of positive impact an organic bamboo t-shirt can do...

FUN FACT: Bamboo is also be used to prevent soil erosion in deforested areas!



That being said we must create an environment for that to decompose properly without harmful effects to the natural plantation of the bamboo plant.

We must taker further responsibility in whatever we use from our earth we are also replacing. The more we borrow from mother earth we should be planting double the amount back, this will not only allow us to keep having fabrics that are good for our environment and for our beneficial use - but it will also allow us to keep what we have that is meant for the earth the animals, other plants and fungi to survive and protect for generations on.

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